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:an act of looking forward; care for the future.

We believe it is important to know your options when care needs arise for an aging loved one. We work with families, caregivers and seniors to help make the most informed decisions regarding their current and future care needs.

If you are caring for an aging loved could use a little FORESIGHT.

Please don't wait for an emergency to start this conversation.  We have helped hundreds of seniors and their families and we understand where you are.  Let us take the weight off your shoulders.

There are usually two lingering questions.  What kind of care options are available for my loved one?  AND How are we going to pay for it?

As a loved one ages, we will face challenges and decisions that are undoubtedly emotional and stressful, but they don't have to be.  I believe that answering those difficult questions ahead of time will help you and your family ease into these changes with confidence. 

Care Planning

We are firm believers in the fact that planning ahead for care is better than responding to an emergency.  So, we offer up a four point assessment to determine the best course of action given the needs of our clients.  We then use this information to develop a plan of care suited to the individuals options and our recommendations.

Care Management

Clients not only find value in the plan of care, but even so in the on-going support to ensure care is implemented and managed appropriately.  As one may imagine policies, providers, payer sources and medical needs change over time.  Our advisor is available 24/7 to help with any challenges that may arise.

Tasks for Care Planning and Care Management may include, but are not limited to:

  • No-Charge Consultation

  • Comprehensive Assessment

  • Develop a Plan of Care

  • Implementation Management

  • Benefit Qualification

  • Insurance Review

  • End Life Decision Education

  • Tour Community Providers

  • Vet Caregiver Providers

  • Document Review

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Family Discussion Management

  • Patient Advocacy

  • Transitional Care

  • Monthly Check-Ins

  • 24/7 Availability 

  • On-Going Industry Education

  • Provider Recommendation

  • Provider Contract Review

Getting started is easy.

You have enough on your plate so, we try to make it easy for folks to schedule a time to meet.  No need to come to us, we make house calls.  Give us a ring or complete the contact form below to schedule your no charge or obligation consultation today.



Morgan R.  


Brett worked with me during the confusing time of trying to care for my grandmother, keeping her at home with assistance and then moving her into an assisted living all the way through her funeral arrangements.  He has been a trusted advisor and friend, whom I called on again a few years later to help me with my father.  The time he spent with me and my family, knowing he was on our side during some very stressful, confusing and scary times, was priceless.
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